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BejoFX.com is a forex account managed service. With this service, investors who do not have a time nor a knowledge of forex trading have the opportunity to earn passive income from forex trading. An investor might delegate a forex fund manager (such as BejoFX) to manage their forex trading account. The concept of this collaboration is very unique, and All run automatically according to the system which provide by the choosen brokerage. The trading account will remain in the investor's name and only the investor can withdraw the funds. Why choose BejoFX.com? Unlike common forex fund managers, BejoFX.com publishes its trading performance in real time using third party (independent) tools. With this openness, investors might observe a real data/history of their fund manager's trading performance. Even so, forex trading is very risky, An Investors shall only invest a money that They can afford to lose.

Regulated Brokerage

BejoFX.com provides our service by using IC Markets (a trusted regulated forex brokerage).

Easy To Invest

Open an account at IC Markets, follow the procedures (sign LPOA ..etc) and enjoy your passive income

Realtime Trading Performance

We publish our trading performance in real time by using independent third party tool [Myfxbook.com]


Sustainable Investment Growth, Convenience Long Term Partnership.....